Friday, April 17, 2015

38. Advertising Application

Nothing has made me stress more this year than trying to make a damn video about how I'm creative for my application to the advertising department.  I came up with 4 million ideas and could not decide on any of them or didn't think they were good enough.  On top of not being able to think of an idea for the video, I couldn't even figure out what I wanted to say in the video.

Like I've said in the past, I am not the best at sharing my thoughts with other people...especially when they are about myself.  I for the life of me could not put into words how I am creative.  Now, the problem wasn't that I'm in fact, not creative ... rather that I couldn't dig deep enough into myself to figure out how to express it.  After 4 days of brainstorming ideas I finally came up with what I wanted to say.

Then I had to figure out how to show it in the video...also a problem considering I've only had to make one other video in my life, and that was for this class.  I have no experience with filming or video editing, so naturally my video isn't going to be as good as someone who is an expert in this I had that stressing me out too.

Finally I just started filming and linking things together.  And eventually had a video that met the criteria.  After 2 more days of editing I got it just how I wanted.  And naturally, right before I went to submit it, I decided I hated it.  But, I had no time at this point to do anything about it.  So I just had to accept what I had made and trust that the hard work I put in will pay off.

37. AP and Will

The guest speakers we had on Wednesday, AP and Will, if I'm being completely honest, I found extremely weird.  I felt like I was at an inspirational church meeting or something where they were just preaching their thoughts and their lives.  I thought their energy was awesome, but they were extremely hard to follow and most of the time I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.  Some of the things they talked about did have an impact on me, however the way they conveyed their thoughts were a little overwhelming.  They were really entertaining, but it was a little too much for me.  It was hard to follow and instead of inspiring me I was just trying to decipher what they were talking about and what point they were trying to make.  Overall, I did think they were really cool and entertaining, but their energy level was a lot for 10 in the morning and their thought process was difficult to follow for me.

Monday, April 13, 2015

36. It's Been A While

These past few weeks have been unbelievably stressful.  Between homework, tests, papers, family and boyfriend problems it's safe to say I've had a lot on my hands.  Trying to declare my major, make class schedules, decide what I am doing this summer .... the list goes on and on.  With the year coming to an end there are a lot of things to be done, a lot of things to be thankful for and a lot of things to worry about.  I'll get into that later, but I figured I should come back and add a little something to the blog before I get distracted by life again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

35. Enter Through the Gift Shop

This movie really pissed me off. I think the main character, Theirry was unbelievably impulsive, immature, irrational, and basically a mooch.  I think it is unfair that he calls himself a film maker and an artist when in reality he is neither of those things.  I think he took ideas from everyone he was supposed to help, but didn't and used their ideas to spark his own.  I don't think he is capable of actually making the art himself which makes me really mad because the whole point of being an artist is designing and making the art yourself.  Although he does have good ideas, I think his inspiration is too similar to other artists and that he basically copied other ideas and put a little of his spark into it.  I wouldn't be as annoyed with him if he was making the art himself, because all the other artists in the film create, design and put on paper their designs, they don't have people do it for them.  I think he got lucky with his opening show but I don't think he deserves the amount of credit he got.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

34. Improv Discussion

The main thing I took out of the improv groups from Friday is that creativity, although often very frustrating, is actually fun and exciting.  It made me realize that there are so many different ways to be creative and spark creative thoughts and improv is definitely one of them.  I have never been a big fan of improv, but I did find the class particularly entertaining, so it has opened my eyes to trying new things.  Which also led me to thinking that creativity is about going outside of your comfort zone, trying new things is a great way to start new creative tracks for your work and ideas.  The improv groups really showed me that I need to loosen up in order to let my creative thoughts flow freely because if I am tense or worried about judgment then I will always have difficulty opening up my ideas because I will be concerned about what other people think.  Improv is the definition of not caring what people think, you get to make a fool of yourself and even if you're nervous or embarrassed people usually laugh or at least appreciate your efforts.  This is a really cool way to think about creativity and it makes me excited to start new projects and try new things.

33. Punta Cana - day 3

"Boat party!!!! Woohoo!!!" - direct quote from my notepad

This was easily the best day of the trip.  The weather was perfect, we were out on the water all day and everyone was happy and having an amazing time.  This day really made me grateful for all the privileges I have, especially going to SMU.  Spending spring break in the Dominican Republic and a day on a boat with all your friends is more than I could ask for.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

32. Punta Cana - day 2

This was a fun day by the pool.  When my roommate, Emily and I accidentally took 3,000 photos on our friends go pro when we thought we were taking a video......whoops.

But, the accidental photos actually turned out pretty good, so I guess we got something out of having to delete about 2,500 of them.

What is actually happening here is captured in a series of photos and the random drink in the air is my friend Erica, who jumped into the photo, knocked Meg's drink out of her hand...and voila, a cute candid pic was made!!!

these.....not so cute